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Wanxiang Attended Exposition on China Indigenous Brand Vice Prime Minister Hu Chunhua praised the brand building of Wanxiang as "early start and good sustaining"



On May 10, the World Brands Day, Hu Chunhua, a member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Vice Prime Minister of the State Council, was present at the opening ceremony of the 1st Exposition on China Indigenous Brand and announced the kickoff of the Exposition. On Wanxiang Booth, Vice Prime Minister Hu Chunhua and Li Qiang, a member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Secretary of Shanghai Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China carefully listened the report on Wanxiang brand building and industry development made by Lu Weiding, President and CEO of Wanxiang Group. Vice Prime Minister Hu Chunhua praised that Wanxiang was the first enterprise that had attached great importance to brand building and could sustain its attention to sound brand development. He mentioned that Wanxiang was among the first batch of enterprises to pay great attention to brand building and expansion. Although there were other brands like Wanxiang laying stress on brand building, development and expansion from the very beginning then, Wanxiang is one of the rare enterprises that still keep growing, is sound and strong while improving its strength and also have made an active presence at the international arena. Vice Prime Minister Hu Chunhua pointed out that accelerated brand development was an inevitable course to promote quality economic development. Further, he also encouraged Wanxiang to seize the significant opportunity to open up and strive for more achievements in brand development, especially in international brand development. 

When Lu Weiding reported the brand development course of Wanxiang, and Li Qiang mentioned that during his service in Zhejiang, when he advocated "Quality" mark and "Three-well-known Program", Wanxiang was enrolled in the Program in the first batch and that Wanxiang shared great popularity and influence in both China and America. He also encouraged Wanxiang to make sustainable innovation and become a time-honored brand. Lu Weiding reported Wanxiang's efforts in fostering and expanding brand, in clean energy- and international-oriented development and also in building core brand competitiveness with global influence. In recent years, Wanxiang has made investment in A123, an advanced battery enterprise in the US, and KARMA, a luxury new energy-driven auto manufacturer and pooled a large number of resources for technological innovation. As a result, Wanxiang has kept a leading position in the cutting-edge industrial technology field. In next stage, Wanxiang will cooperate with top international science and technology institutions to share industrial resources of Wanxiang after 49 years of development with the world, to build an "open, sharing, innovative and energy-gathering" Wanxiang Innovation & Energy-gathering City and to build Wanxiang into an esteemed enterprise. 

Chen Weijun, Vice-governor of Zhejiang Province, highly praised the brand building thoughts of Wanxiang. He said that to be an esteemed enterprise would lead Wanxiang to be a benchmark guiding the industry development.  

Serial Report   "Lulu", a brand affiliated to Wanxiang Sannong Group also took part in this Exposition. 


After the ratification of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, the 1st Exposition on China Indigenous Brand & International Forum on China Brand Development kicked off in Shanghai Exhibition Center on May 10 under the joint efforts of National Development and Reform Commission, other competent departments and Shanghai Municipal People's Government. It aimed to implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the CPC, conscientiously carry out the decisions and arrangements of the State Council on brand development, deepen the supply-side structural reform, propel quality economic development and strive to achieve China's economic development with higher quality, more efficiency, more fairness and greater sustainability. 


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