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Lu Weiding addressed a typical speech at the Provincial Opening-up Conference "Wanxiang Innovation & Energy-gathering City" forges ahead for a fresh start



The Provincial Opening-up Conference kicked off in Zhejiang Great Hall of the People on the morning of May 9. The Conference commended advanced units in opening-up and studied and arranged the province's opening-up work. Wanxiang was appraised as one of the "2017 Top 10 International Investment Enterprises of Zhejiang Province" at the conference. Lu Weiding, President of Wanxiang, went to the stage to receive the award and made a typical speech titled as Return to the Regional Arena from the Global Arena. Che Jun, Secretary of the provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China, delivered an important speech at the conference. The conference was presided over by the Provincial Governor Yuan Jiajun, and Ge Huijun, Chairman of the Provincial Committee of the CPPCC as well as relevant leaders above the vice-provincial level attended the conference. 

Lu Weiding looked back the 30-odd years of "point-to-line" and then "line-to-surface" breakthroughs and development course of Wanxiang in the global arena. He said that the "new measures" for opening wider to the outside world announced in Boao by President Xi recently marked confidence and also signal. As a whole-course participant and beneficiary, Wanxiang will definitely seize this significant opportunity to further open up. In the past, Wanxiang focused on "going out" to realize internationalization and went to the global arena from a regional arena, while in the future, Wanxiang will make itself center on "bringing in" to return to the regional arena from the global arena. "The place where we started gathers outstanding scientists, innovators and entrepreneurs from all corners of the globe for "quality, competitive and modernized" construction of Wanxiang Innovation & Energy-gathering City." 

In 2004, Zhejiang held its 1st Provincial Opening-up Conference in an attempt to thoroughly implement the "88 Strategy" and comprehensively improve the opening-up level. After the conference, the Several Opinions on Furthering Opening up was released, which put forward to fulfill leapfrog development from "a major province of foreign trade" to "a major open province". 

2018 marks the 40th anniversary of China's reform and opening-up and also the 15th anniversary of the implementation of "88 Strategy" of Zhejiang. Fourteen years later, Zhejiang held its Provincial Opening-up Conference again to summarize the experience in carrying out the "88 Strategy" and improving opening-up level in the past 15 years. The kickoff of the conference also heralds a new chapter of Zhejiang to continue to implement its "88 Strategy" for further opening-up. 

Secretary Che Jun delivered an important speech at the conference and stressed that we should adhere to the leading direction of "the Belt and Road Initiative" and thoroughly promote opening-up to improve the province's overall strength at the beginning of a new era. He announced that the provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China and people's government would introduce 10 new major measures to bolster further opening-up. 


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